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Andy G. Strickland works hard to protect the freedoms of immigration policy.

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Andy Gene Strickland is a working immigration lawyer in St Petersburg, FL, and has a practice in Venice, FL. He participates in the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, Washington, the Northern District of Florida Bar, the D.C Bar Association, and the 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals Bar. He also participates in the Federal Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Besides his migration law-focused practice, Andy Strickland enjoys flying and taking a trip. He’s a private pilot who enjoys flying his extra airplane time and has had much global direct exposure during his life. When he was 19, Mr. Strickland was an exchange pupil in Germany for one year. He lived with German family members for the entire period. He still maintains contact with them and considers them his second family members.

Immigration Court and the USCIS

Immigration Lawyer St Petersburg, FL.

Andy Gene Strickland has also examined and lived in:

Prague, the Czech Republic researching Eastern European Culture as well as Politics
Moscow, Russia studying Russian Constitutional Law and also East-West Trade Law
Oxford, England, examining European Union Law and also Comparative Criminal Procedure

Mr. Strickland got his Juris Doctorate in 2001 from The Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He obtained his LL.M level from Stetson University, College of Law, situated in Gulfport, Florida, on 16 May 2004.

Andy Strickland is everything you would want in a lawyer! He is extremely professional and dedicated. We were going through a long immigration case that took 4 years and Andy stayed consistent and fought hard to help us win. Without Andy I don't believe winning the case would have been possible!
Nesa K
Thank you for helping us with our asylum case. Its important that I want to let everyone know how you helped us and took care of our case in immigration court. You were there for my family and now we are able to live in peace- without fear of war- now we can begin a new life!
I know Andy Gene Strickland since a longer time and yes, he is the attorney who helped me to get my green card. My case was really difficult for several reasons. It was not just a regular immigration case, but a complex matter, where several legal and personal problems had to be addressed. Andy Strickland faced this challenge and he did it very well. He had control and knowledge over every aspect of my case all the time. He proved that his legal education is on the highest level, that he has a lot of experience and that he fights for his clients, even if a case is difficult and seems to be lost. What I like personally about him is his honesty. He likes to win, he is a fighter, but he also always respects his client's needs. This means he always gives you an honest legal opinion about all possible risks and about your chances. No nonsense can be expected here. All what matters is to win your case and to do it the right way. I also know two other people, who got their green card/working permit through Andy Strickland. One of these cases was also special and it took a lot of effort to bring it to a successful end. Andy Strickland solved a problem here, which two other lawyers could not. If you are serious about your intention to immigrate to the USA and have to seek legal advice, meet Andy Strickland. Andy Strickland is an excellent attorney, who will offer you the highest possible level of legal representation possible.

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