Ukrainian Humanitarian Parole And New Regulations


Andy Gene Strickland – New Regulations for Ukrainian Humanitarian Parole:

The USCIS has announced new procedures to “fast-track” humanitarian parole for Ukrainians.  Its as simple as going online to the USCIS website and filling out an affidavit of support form: I-134.  Certain Ukrainian citizens, and certain non-Ukrainian immediate family members,24 who were physically present in Ukraine as of February 11, 2022 and have a U.S.-based supporter are eligible for this process.

The process is triggered when a prospective supporter files a Form I–134, Declaration of Financial Support, with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) through an online portal. USCIS will review that form in order to verify and vet the information submitted. Once USCIS determines that the Form I–134 includes sufficient evidence of financial support, the relevant Ukrainian beneficiary will be notified and will be prompted to submit any additional required information.

To be eligible, the Ukrainian beneficiary must possess a valid Ukrainian passport, or if a child without their own passport, be included in a parent’s passport.

At this time, only children traveling with a parent or a legal guardian will be eligible for Uniting for Ukraine. Individuals who are not eligible for Uniting for Ukraine may make an appointment at the nearest U.S.Embassy or consulate for additional information about available options.

The Ukrainian beneficiary also must clear biographic and biometric background checks, and will need tomeet public health requirements, including, as appropriate, proof of required vaccinations, as determined by DHS’s Chief Medical Officer, in consultation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Pursuant to these requirements, Ukrainian beneficiaries must demonstrate proof of first doses of measles, polio, and COVID–19 vaccines and must complete a screening for tuberculosis for all individuals two years of age or older.

These requirements may be adjusted in accordance with evolving public health needs; the most up-to-date requirements will be available at

2. Processing Steps For Humanitarian Pardon In the Ukraine

Filing and confirmation of financial support: The process is initiated when a supporter—either an individual or an individual acting on behalf of an organizations—files a Form I–134, Declaration of Financial Support, online using the myUSCIS platform. This declaration must include biographic and
financial information on the supporter, and biographic identifying information on the Ukrainian beneficiary.

The individual who submits and signs the Form I–134 must be a U.S.-based person in lawful status, a parolee, or a beneficiary of deferred action or Deferred Enforced Departure. The individual can, however, represent an organization. If the individual is acting on behalf of an organization, and if that organization is providing the financial or other services to support the Ukrainian beneficiary, this information should be provided as part of the evidence submitted with the Form I–134.

USCIS will conduct background checks on the supporter to protect against exploitation and abuse and to determine the supporters’ financial suitability to support beneficiaries. If the supporter is approved, USCIS will notify the Ukrainian beneficiary electronically with an invitation to create a myUSCIS account. Ukrainian beneficiary account registration: Following USCIS’s approval of the named supporter, the Ukrainian beneficiary will receive an electronic communication from USCIS with instructions on how to set up an account with myUSCIS and other next steps.

The Ukrainian beneficiary will be required to confirm their biographic information on myUSCIS and attest to completion of all other requirements, including the required vaccinations and screening listed above. Vetting and Clearance: Biographic information provided by the prospective Ukrainian beneficiary will be vetted against national security and law enforcement databases.

The my USCIS system will transmit biographic information for Ukrainian beneficiaries directly to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and into CBP’s Automated Targeting System (ATS) for vetting.

Only Ukrainian beneficiaries who complete all the requirements, including vaccinations, and clear the vetting of their biographic information will receive the necessary advanced authorization to travel to the United States to seek parole Once vetting is complete and advance authorization to travel has been approved, Ukrainian beneficiaries will receive a notification in myUSCIS in an automated manner.

Cleared individuals will be authorized to travel via commercial routes to the United States for a period of 90 days. Carriers utilizing CBP’s Document Validation program will be able to access this authorization to facilitate generation of a boarding pass. Carriers who are not participants
in the Document Validation program will utilize manual verification mechanisms to generate a boarding pass.

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